" Standing at the midway of five year Clean India mission, we bring to you the glittering examples that reflect the makeover India is going through each day to shine brighter. " More Info
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Click to readWriting is an art, we all know that. But do you know that different types of professions require different types of writing skills. Discover
Click to readIn the race of population explosion, India is all set to overtake China to earn the first rank. This undoubtedly is worrisome. The threat is
Click to readExhorted by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, students of AIS Vasundhara 6 pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Clean India, with their
Click to readIf you have the passion and desire to do something for your country and bring about a change, then this is the right profession for you. Tho
Click to readOwning up to our mistakes is perhaps the most difficult task and that is why making a confession is never easy. We bring to you the stories
Click to readThat day, the sun never rose. Darkness invaded every corner, gloominess lurked everywhere around him. Light couldn’t find a way to enter, be
Click to readLong ago in a beautiful village atop a mountain, lived an old woman. Everyone in the village called her ‘Grandma’. Although she lived alone
Click to readThe exchange programme aimed at sharing knowledge about various cultures & familiarising students with new teaching techniques. Ten students
Click to readFor most of us, Friday night is either time to party or watch movies. But for some, it’s time to grab a book, and indulge in it the entire n
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Painting By : Laisha Bhutani, AIS Vas 6, III A
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